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“RealCap Funding offers clear and fair financing solutions to real estate professionals while protecting and enhancing our client’s invested capital.”


RealCap is headquartered in the Summerlin region of Las Vegas, Nevada, an excellent location where nature and commerce come together, offering the ideal hub for business and living.

The team at RealCap is committed to bringing our customers the highest quality experience.  Since we primarily work with private investors, we can provide fast and simple financing solutions to borrowers, which can be crucial in order to capitalize on time-sensitive profit opportunities. In each and every transaction, RealCap’s expert staff works diligently to ensure that the client is treated with respect and with a commitment to personalized service based on their specific needs.

RealCap excels in structuring financing solutions for nearly all commercial real estate transactions and property types. Our staff provides a combined fifty years of lending and development experience and is versatile to the often-changing real estate market factors and conditions. Having “seen it all” in our long and diverse history, our thorough background in private lending grants us the ability to understand complicated real estate transactions and offer creative solutions. Our primary concern, however, is simple: Protect our client’s investment.

RealCap understands the value of our borrowers and investors, and so we treat them as our lifeblood.  We provide the same level of attention and quality care to all of our clients, no matter the size of the transaction or investment.  To maintain these core values, RealCap employs a small, dedicated “family style” staff who is committed to protecting your investment from inception to completion.

This communication is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation. Money invested through a mortgage broker is not guaranteed to earn any interest or return and is not insured. Before investing, investors must be provided applicable disclosure documents.