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With decades of private lending experience, the staff at RealCap Funding have a knowledge base that provides our investors with the comfort of knowing we have “seen it all”.  We have been through boom markets and recessions, worked through defaulted loans, managed asset sales, and are well-equipped to recognize and avoid the potential pitfalls that exist in the private lending industry.

While many private real estate loans often receive yields far in excess of those offered by traditional financial institutions, it is important to understand that not all loans are the same, and not all mortgage brokers are the same.  Our lending criteria requires borrowers to have true cash equity invested in their property, a clear exit strategy, and the knowledge and experience to successfully complete the transaction with a high likelihood of success.

Our Loan-To-Value ratios are conservative and based on current market values as confirmed by objective third parties.

We only utilize licensed and bonded third party title companies and loan servicers to ensure your mortgage investment is being professionally administered at all times.

We provide you with all of the necessary due diligence items that we analyze prior to recommending a loan as a suitable investment.

We are always available, whether by phone, email, or personal visit to our office or yours.

Our loans generally provide interest returns between 10% to 13%, depending on the transaction and the property type.  As a RealCap investor, you can choose to view all of our lending opportunities or just those opportunities that meet your specific investment criteria.   If you elect to invest in a particular loan, you simply contact us and we will provide a full due diligence package prior to funding.  Our minimum investment amount is $25,000 (with occasional exceptions).

This communication is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation. Money invested through a mortgage broker is not guaranteed to earn any interest or return and is not insured. Before investing, investors must be provided applicable disclosure documents.