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COMMERCIAL LOAN APPLICATION (click here):  The Loan Application is the first step in the financing process. Applications must be signed and dated prior to submission to RealCap.

MEANS OF REPAYMENT FORM (click here):  As a licensed mortgage broker, RealCap is required to confirm a borrower’s ability to repay their loan.  Income shown on the application should be supported with current tax returns, bank statements, contract agreements, pay stubs, or any other documents that help verify the income of the borrower.

CREDIT AUTHORIZATION FORM (click here):  Although RealCap Funding does not place major importance on credit scores, we do require a current credit report from our borrowers (and on the Principals if the borrower is a corporate entity).  We look for judgement liens, public record items such as bankruptcies, etc.  If shown on a credit report, these items don’t necessarily result in a rejection of the loan application.  Our responsibility to our investors requires that we understand the specifics of these items as they relate to the current loan request.