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The team at RealCap is comprised of experienced industry experts that share a combined fifty-plus years of experience within the industry. The RealCap team carries a broad background and knowledge of capital markets, real estate development and management, placing ourselves far above the competition.

The RealCap team excels at structuring private mortgage loans and is extremely knowledgeable in the underwriting process. RealCap values our clients’ investments, making sure that every investment is prudent, intelligent and an effective use of the clients’ funds.

RealCap consists of a small team of professionals, whom place a significant emphasis on creating a tight-knit “family” environment. The team works together to make sure that each deal is utilized to its fullest potential, giving our clients the best value.

Alan J. Perlmutter

Visionary executive, adept at propelling finance/management/development and other real estate related firms into industry leaders through strategic relationships, expert project management, and a keen focus on the bottom line. Interpersonal director with a proven track record of working with diverse groups to reach consensus. History of commercial and residential real estate development achievements with sustained economic viability throughout all stages of market cycles. Current success in workouts of distressed fractional trust deed investments and the management of a Reg. D investment fund.

Mr. Perlmutter earned a Masters degree in Marketing from Columbia University in New York and an Economics degree from the University of Wisconsin.

John Doe

Stephen G. Brockman

As Senior Loan Originator, Steve Brockman brings 27 years of commercial real estate lending experience to RealCap.

Prior to joining RealCap, Mr. Brockman was the founder and President of Builder’s Capital, Inc., a private-investor mortgage company that financed property throughout Nevada, Arizona and California.  At its peak, the Company managed a $335 million portfolio consisting of 157 loans.  Mr. Brockman also spent four years working for a large bank in Nevada and two years working with a Las Vegas-based homebuilder.

Steve is a graduate of California State University, Chico with degrees in finance and economics.

Steve Brockman


Josh Poole

Mr. Poole brings with him 18 years experience in private lending.  Beginning in High School at the age of 17, Mr. Poole has worked for some of the top private lenders in Southern California and Nevada.  Mr. Poole started as an Assistant Compliance Officer and was quickly promoted to Senior Compliance Officer for a major private lender in Southern Nevada where he was responsible for over $80 million in real estate loans and assets as well as a $20 million REIT Fund.  Mr. Poole also assisted in the disposition of a private investment portfolio with over $100 million in loans and assets.  Mr. Poole is a native to Southern California, and now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Candi Poole

Candi Poole is the Qualified Employee for RealCap Funding.  Candi is a seasoned operations officer with 31 years experience in the mortgage industry in California and Nevada, with expertise in streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.  Candi has worked in the private mortgage business in Las Vegas since 1994, deeply involved in the funding and servicing of private investor loans.   Candi brings technical expertise, in-depth knowledge of regulatory issues, and strong public relations skills to RealCap Funding.